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02 août 2017

Twin Peaks & The Hidden

Jack Sholder's film The Hidden contains lots of details that feels connected with Twin Peaks, even if it was released in 1987 and that the tone is very different. It even countains details that reminds Season 3.


Especially, seing Kyle MacLachlan in his role of an alien FBI agent, he seems pre-Cooper and pre-Dougie too. In the middle of the film, he has to act like a human, learning to eat and take a medecine - it is very much like a Dougie-Dale scene.



He is also fascinated by a "Bushnell" Telescope ! And then watches himself in the mirror with amazement.

vlcsnap-2017-08-02-10h38m27s984 vlcsnap-2017-08-02-10h38m48s248

His fascination for the child girl reminds Dougie-Dale fascination and tears seing Sonny Jim.

vlcsnap-2017-08-02-11h00m16s013 vlcsnap-2017-08-02-11h01m05s574

His cop buddy reminds also of Harry Truman. And the way Kyle saves him, with a golden light coming out of him, feels like a scene of Season 3 too!


Plus, there is our old friend Hank Jennings/Chris Mulkey, doing a dirty business in the beginning of the film.
And the alien thing coming out of his mouth can also remind "The Experiment" in Season 3 Part 8...

vlcsnap-2017-08-02-10h37m12s725 vlcsnap-2017-08-02-10h37m51s416

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31 juillet 2017

Chronology (Based on Parts 1-12)



vlcsnap-2017-07-12-09h02m43s105       vlcsnap-2017-07-12-09h02m27s373

Last Update: July 30, Part 12

Now that we are at Part 12, let's try to study the chronology. It seems that each storyline has its own chronology (Twin Peaks / The Good Dale / Mister C.). Even if the whole thing moves in a linear way for the most of it, some episodes may go back in the past (1 day before), or show us events from the future.

It creates little shifts between the storylines. Sometimes the shift is filled, sometimes it increases. I think that David Lynch and Duwayne Dunham in the editing room, and maybe Mark Frost since the writing, did that on purpose to create that strange and chaotic feeling, that "something is wrong". The sentences of the One Armed Man and The Evolution of the Arm in the first parts may refer to that feeling: "Is it future, or is it past?", "Something's wrong!", "Time and Time Again"... In a way, the edit is like jazz with the chronology, like Take 5 for instance. It has rules, but they can be broken all of a sudden. It is sometimes confused, then it becomes more clear.

The stories of Mister C. and Good Dale are more easy to follow. As Cooper is absent from Twin Peaks, it's the Twin Peaks scenes that are the most non-linear.


You will find below:

  • Chronology
  • Clues (clothes, continuity error or jump cut, dates, calendar, dates that doesn't fit apparently)


You can also watch my Fan Edits:






Twin Peaks
Mister C.
The Good Dale


I must thank "Hockey Mask" from the World Of Blue Forum (see the links) for is work of descriptions! As I am French, it helped me a lot because my English vocabulary is not perfect.



Part 1: My log has a message for you. (5/21)
01.01 "Hello, Agent Cooper. I'll see you again in 25 years. Meanwhile."
01.02 Giant tells Cooper to listen to the sounds, remember "430" and Richard and Linda. 
September 27
01.03 Jacoby receives shovel delivery. 
September 21
01.04 NYC: Sam records box, Tracey brings coffee, security won't allow her to go up.
September 27
01.05 Ben & Jerry meet at Great Northern, Beverly is new secretary.
September 25
01.06 Insurance salesman attempts to find Sheriff Truman through Lucy.
September 23
01.07 Evil Cooper goes to cabin in woods "American Woman" - Muddy Magnolias/Lynch Remix, Evil Cooper meets with Otis and Beula, Ray and Darya leave with Evil Coop.
September 22
01.08 NYC: Sam records box, Tracey returns, security guard missing, Sam & Tracey die via a creature in the box.
September 23
01.09 Margerie smells odor from neighbor's apartment, calls police.
01.10 Police discover Ruth in apartment.
01.11 Hank calls Harvey.
September 24
01.12 Log Lady calls Hawk "My log has a message for you" -Log Lady.
September 24 (Saturday according to Hastings interrogation)
01.13 Constance discovers Hastings' prints match prints at crime scene.
01.14 Hastings is arrested.
September 25
01.15 Hawk opens Laura's old police files.
September 24
01.16 Hastings interrogated by Dave.
01.17 Hastings placed in jail.
01.18 Hastings home and car is searched, find piece of flesh in trunk

Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself. (5/21)
September 24
02.01 Phyllis visits Hastings in jail.
02.02 Phyllis tells George "He knows."
02.03 Disembodied head floats from cell next to Hastings.
02.04 Evil Cooper shoots Phyllis.
02.05 Vegas: Duncan gives Roger money to pay "her" for the job, warns Roger about "him". 
02.06 Railroad crossing flashes.
02.07 Evil Cooper makes plans in diner with Ray, Darya and Jack, Evil Cooper wants information from Hastings secretary via Ray.
October 1st ?
02.08 Hawk goes to Glastonbury Grove, receives call from Log Lady. "The stars turn and a time presents itself" -Log Lady (In this theory, Hawk goes to Glastonbury Grove after the discovery of the missing pages, in episode 7, when we see the woods once again) "Dark Mood Woods" - Angelo Badalamenti
02.09 Cooper in Red Room with One-armed Man whose first sentence is "Is it future or is it past?", Laura removes her face, whispers to Copper and gets sucked out of room, Cooper meets The Evolution of the Arm.
September 25
02.10 Evil Cooper kills Jack at storage center.
02.11 Evil Cooper, at motel, catches Darya lying about phone call, shows her playing card and kills her.
02.12 Evil Cooper contacts Jefferies, downloads prison plans, Evil Cooper goes next door, tells Chantal (Hutch's wife) to clean up the other room, fingers her.
02.13 EotA first sentence is "253, Time and Time Again", Cooper is told by EotA to "go now", Leland tells Cooper to "Find Laura", Cooper from Red Room sees Evil Cooper driving Day 7?, EotA's doppelgänger, Cooper falls thru floor.
September 23
02.14 Cooper visits the box in NYC.
September 30?
02.15 Sarah watches TV.
02.16 The Roadhouse with James, Shelly, Red & Jean-Michel Renault, James has been in an accident, Shelly doesn't like her daughter Becky with Steven, she flirts with Red (who has the same clothes that in Part 5, 6, 11) "Shadow" -Chromatics.

Part 3: Call for help. (5/21 & 5/28)
03.01 Cooper in purple room.
September 26 (or the 22 according to Cooper’s arrest file seen in Yankton prison ?)
03.02 Evil Cooper gets in accident.
September 26
03.03 Dougie and Jade in bed, Dougie's arm in numb, Dougie wearing ring, Jade showers.
September 26
03.04 Evil Coop vomits.
September 26
03.05 Dougie goes to red room, turns into gold bead, One-armed man puts ring on table.
03.06 Cooper switches with Dougie.
03.07 Jade drives Dougie-Coop, hitmen miss Dougie-Coop when he ducks to get Great Northern key.
03.08 Boy watches from window, Drugged out mother yells "119". Repeats on Part 6 the 28/9
September 26
03.09 Police find Evil-Coop and get sick from smell.
September 26
03.10 Hawk, Andy & Lucy go thru files, "Is it the bunny?".
September 27
03.11 Jacoby paints shovels. (immediately after their delivery, seen in Part 1)
September 26
03.14 FBI meeting, Gordon, Albert and Tammy learn Cooper is in South Dakota.
September 26
03.12 Jade drops off Dougie at Silver Mustang. "Call for help" -Cooper
03.13 Dougie-Coop wins jackpots.
September 26
03.15 The Roadhouse "Mississippi" -The Cactus Blossoms.

Part 4: ...brings back some memories. (5/21 & 5/28)
September 26
04.01 Dougie-Coop wins jackpots.
04.02 Bill Shaker sees Dougie-Coop in casino.
04.03 Casino manager pays off Dougie-Coop, provides limo home.
04.04 Limo driver finds Dougie-Coop's home.
04.05 Janey-E yells at Dougie-Coop, counts money.
September 26
04.06 Cole meets with Denise.
September 26
04.07 Lucy speaks with Truman on his cell phone about thermostat, freaks out.
04.08 Maggie tells Frank about overdose.
04.09 Frank discusses Chinese designer drug and surveillance cameras with Bobby.
04.10 Andy explains cell phones to Lucy.
04.11 Hawk updates Frank, Chad bad mouths log lady.
04.12 Bobby sees Laura's picture. "…brings back some memories" -Bobby Briggs "Laura Palmer's Theme" -Angelo Badalamenti, Bobby explains Cooper was the last one to see Major Briggs alive before he died in fire.
04.13 Wally Brando arrives.
September 27
04.14 One-armed Man tells Dougie-Coop he was tricked.
04.15 Janey-E helps Dougie-Coop pee, get dressed.
04.16 Dougie-Coop has breakfast at home "Take Five"-Dave Brubeck.
September 24
04.17 South Dakota police files gets blocked (the 24th according to Constance and Dave clothes, same as Part 1-2).
September 27
04.18 Tammy gets car sick, Albert and Gordon discuss Mt. Rushmore. (day)
04.19 Gordon learns contents of Evil-Coop's trunk: cocaine, machine gun, dog leg.
04.20 Cole, Albert & Tammy interview Evil-Coop, Albert says he's been working with Jeffries.
04.21 Gordon wants to hear about Evil-Coop's private phone call when he has it.
04.22 Gordon asks Tammy to leave because she's wearing a wire, Albert tells Gordon he authorized Jeffries to give Cooper info about man in Colombia, Gordon asks Albert to find "her".
September 30
04.23 The Roadhouse "Lark"-Au Revoir Simone. (seen also in Part 9)

Part 5: Case files. (6/4)
September 26 restarts
05.01 Vegas "The Flame"-Johnny Jewel, Guys still surveilling house.
05.02 Lorraine texts Buenos Aires "I Am"-BluntedBeatz/"Good Man"-Old School Hip-Hop Beat.
September 26 restarts
05.03 Autopsy of body, find Dougie's wedding ring in stomach.
05.04 Evil Cooper sees Bob in jail cell mirror.
September 27
05.05 Mike interviews Steven.
05.06 Frank talks to Harry, Doris visits Frank and argue about leaking pipe. Warrick.
September 27
05.07 Dougie-Coop cries when he sees Sonny Jim in back of car.
05.08 Two cars drive by Dougie's abandoned car "Habit"-Uniform.
05.09 Janey-E drops off Dougie-Coop at work, he mimics statue, follows coffee up to office, Darren hits on girl, Frank enjoys green tea, Dougie-Coop calls Tony a liar.
05.10 Dougie-Coop receives homework from Mullins "Case files" -Cooper.
05.11 Girl let's Dougie-Coop use ladie's room.
05.12 Manager gets fired (and roughed up) by Bradley and Rodney Mitchum, replace him with Warrick.
05.13 Boy wanders across street to Dougie's car, thieves show up to steal Dougie's car and it blows up "Tabloid"-Uniform, druggie mom wakes up.
05.14 Car washer finds Great Northern key in Jade's Jeep, Jade mails back key.
September 27
05.15 Becky drops off basket to a Toad, Shelly loans Becky money.
05.16 Steve drives to back of RR Diner, Becky and Steven snort coke, Becky high as they drive "I Love How You Love Me"-The Paris Sisters.
September 27
05.17 Dougie-Coop rides elevator down backwards.
05.18 Dougie-Coop gazes at statue.
September 27
05.19 Hawk and Andy go thru files.
05.20 Jacoby/Dr. Amp does show, sells shovels; Jerry and Nadine watch.
September 27
05.21 Colonel Davis sends Cindy to investigate Garland's prints in Buckhorn.
September 29
05.22 The Roadhouse "Snake Eyes"-Trouble, Richard makes payment to Chad, chokes Charlotte. (Richard has the same clothes that in Part 6 = did this scene happens after the accident, which would explain the money given to Chad?)
September 27
05.23 Tammy researches Coops prints.
05.24 Evil Cooper mentions Mr. Stawberry to Warden Murphy before placing his one phone call, alarms sound.
September 27
05.25 In Buenos Aires something happens to something.
05.26 Dougie-Coop stands at statue, police ask him to leave "Windswept"-Johnny Jewel.

Part 6: Don't die. (6/11)
September 27
06.01 Dougie-Coop still in front of statue with police "Windswept"-Johnny Jewel.
06.02 Dougie-Coop gets taken home by police.
06.03 Janey-E and Dougie-Coop eat.
06.04 Dougie-Coop and Sonny Jim use the Clapper.
06.05 Janey-E sees picture of Dougie-Coop and Jade, Janey-E sets up appointment to make payment in park.
06.06 Stoplight.
06.07 One armed man warns Dougie-Coop "Don't die" -Phillip Gerard , Dougie-Coop doodles on case files "Windswept"-Johnny Jewel.
September 27
06.08 Albert complains about rain, meets with Diane at Max Von's Bar.
September 29
06.09 Red meets with Richard discusses Sparkle, liver issues, flips coin.
06.10 Richard drives off in truck.
06.11 Bill drives Carl into Twin Peaks from Fat Trout, Mickey rides along and mentions Linda.
06.12 Miriam eats pie at RR Diner.
06.13 Richard driving, Carl sits for on bench watches boy and his mother, Richard hits kid, Miriam witnesses, Carl consoles, utility pole.
September 28
06.14 Duncan receives red square on computer screen, pulls envelope out of safe.
06.15 Coroner shows up to wreckage of Dougie's car, drugged out mother yells "119", find license plate on roof.
06.16 Ike at motel, rolls dice and receives pictures of Tammy and Dougie "I Am"-BluntedBeatz/"Good Man"-Old School Hip-Hop Beat.
06.17 Dougie-Coop goes to work, sits with Mullins who understands his doodles, looks at boxing poster.
06.18 Janey-E pays off toughs Jimmy and Tommy in park.
06.19 Ike kills Lorraine "I Am"-BluntedBeatz/"Good Man"-Old School Hip-Hop Beat.
September 29
06.20 Richard cleans blood off truck.
September 28
06.21 Hawk finds missing diary pages in men's room of police station. 
06.22 Doris complains to Frank that her father's car not fixed. 
06.23 Maggie and Chad discuss Frank and Doris' son's suicide. 
06.24 The Roadhouse "Tarifa"-Sharon Van Etten.
Part 7: There's a body all right. (6/18)
September 28
07.01 Jerry calls Ben from the woods, he's lost his car. 
07.02 Hawk and Frank go over diary pages. 
07.03 Harry updates Frank on his health over phone. (NIGHT)
September 29
07.04 Andy investigates man about truck and hit and run, sets up appointment to meet later.
07.05 Frank Skypes Doc Hayward, Coop visited comatose Audrey in hospital.
September 28
07.06 Cindy Knox visits Buckhorn "There’s a body all right" -Detective Dave Macklay, informs Col. Davis that it is not just prints but a body, figure walks down hall. Colonel Davis calls someone...
September 28
07.07 Gordon whistles in his office, Albert asks him to talk with Diane. 
07.08 Gordon and Albert visit Diane at home. 
07.09 On plane: Tammy shows backward print to Gordon and Albert, Gordon explains spiritual finger, Albert shows Tammy photo of Evil Coop in Rio. 
07.10 Diane meets with Evil Coop in prison. 
07.11 Diane tells Gordon it isn't Cooper. 
07.12 Evil Coop asks guard to see Warden Murphy, mentions Strawberry.
September 29
07.13 Andy waits to meet man but he doesn't show "Laura Palmer's Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti.
September 28
07.15 Police investigate Dougie Coop and Janey-E about his car.
07.16 Ike attempts to shoot Dougie Coop, The EotA appears and Coop fends off Ike.
07.17 Witnesses are interviewed.
September 28
07.14 Warden Murphy meets with Evil Coop who mentions dog leg, Mr. Strawberry and Joe McCloskey, Evil Coop wants himself and Ray released.
September 29
07.18 Ben and Beverly hear humming in Great Northern. Find Cooper's key (Jade sended it the 27).
07.19 Beverly and Tom argue. 
07.20 The Roadhouse gets swept up "Green Onions"-Booker T. & The M.G.'s.
07.21 Jean-Michel gets phone call about underage prostitution.
September 28
07.22 Evil Coop and Ray are released from prison.
September 29
07.23 Shot of the woods at night
07.24 RR Diner "Sleepwalk"-Santo & Johnny. A musician from Trouble's band (seen in Part 6) yells "Has anyone seen Billy?. The customers change in The Double R (weird continuity error). 

Part 8: Gotta light? (6/25)
September 28
08.01 Ray drives while Evil Coop texts truck plate number.
08.02 Ray pees, Evil Coop pulls gun on Ray, Ray shoots Evil Coop, Woodsmen rub Evil Coop's guts on his face, Bob is seen on his stomach, Ray drives off.
08.03 Ray calls Phillip.
September 28
08.04 The Roadhouse "She's Gone Away"-Nine Inch Nails.
September 28
08.05 Evil Coop sits up.
July 16, 1945 White Sands, NM - 5:29 AM
08.06 Atom bomb detonated "Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima"-Warsaw National Philharmonic.
08.07 Convenience store.
08.08 Mother vomits up Bob.
08.09 Explosion, blood cells, purple ocean, mountain island with building on peak.
08.10 Black and White Room: Señorita Dido listens to Victrola "Slow 30's Room/VII. Interior"-David Lynch & Dean Hurley, The Giant turns off alarm.
08.11 The Giant walks to theater.
08.12 The Giant sees bomb, convenience store and Bob on movie screen, he levitates "The Fireman"-Angelo Badalamenti, Señorita Dido holds gold Laura orb that comes out of The Giant's head, she releases orb into tube and onto image of Earth on movie screen.
August 5, 1956 New Mexico Desert
08.13 Locust-frog hatches.
08.14 Boy walks girl home, she finds penny.
08.15 Woodsman floats down to desert.
08.16 Couple drive down road, stopped by evil hobos, "Gotta light?"-The Woodsman, couple speeds off.
08.17 Boy kisses girl, she runs inside house.
08.18 Woodsman at KPJK radio station "My Prayer"-The Platters, mechanic listens to radio, waitress listens at Pop's Diner, girl listens on bed, Woodsman kills receptionist and squeezes head of disc jockey, stops song and broadcasts "This is the water. And this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within." Mechanic and waitress collapse, locust-frog crawls towards girls house, girl collapses on bed, locust-frog crawls into her mouth, Woodsman kills disc jockey, Woodsman walks off into desert, horse whinnies.
08.19 Girls sleeps on bed.

Part 9: This is the chair. (7/9)
September 29
09.01 Evil-Coop walks up to The Farm
09.02 On the plane, Gordon receives call from Colonel to divert to Buckhorn
09.03 Evil-Coop meets Hutch and Chantel
09.04 Gordon informs Diane and pilot going to Buckhorn, Warden Murphy calls Gordon to let him know of Cooper's escape. 
09.05 Evil-Coop sends coded text, calls Duncan asking if it's done-better be done next time he calls, Duncan asks Roger to come into his office
09.06 Evil-Coop tells Hutch to kill Warden Murphy, Chantel kisses Evil-Coop goodbye before he drives off, Hutch shoots phone.
September 29
09.07 Las Vegas Police Department: The Fuscos interview Bushnell, Bushnell explains Dougie's earlier car accident then tells Dougie they will work together tomorrow, police discuss no info on Dougie before 1997 and cost of taillight, get Dougie's prints off coffee cup, palm prints of Ike came off gun. Dougie-Coop stares at flag, red heels and outlet. 
09.08 The Fuscos inspect new taillight 
09.09 Ike leaves message that he failed mission, police gather in motel parking lot, Ike arrested in hallway.
October 1st
09.10 Andy and Lucy argue about what color chair to buy.
09.11 Johnny Horne runs into wall.
September 29
09.12 Bobby, Truman and Hawk interview Betty about Garland, Garland had told Betty they would come one day, Betty gives them cylinder hidden in secret compartment of chair. "This is the chair."-Betty Briggs
September 29
09.13 Buckhorn morgue: Diane smokes and receives Evil-Coop's coded text, Detective Macklay tells Gordon & Co. about Hastings' blog, coroner shows them Dougie's ring.
September 29
09.14 Jerry fights with his foot in the woods. 
09.15 Lucy eats lunch at her desk, Chad eats lunch in conference room, Truman tells him to go to lunchroom, Truman doesn't know how to open capsule. 
09.16 Bobby throws capsule at ground, it emits tone, throws again and it opens, note inside says to go to Jack Rabbits Palace on 10/1 and 10/2.
September 29
09.17 Diane smokes, joined by Gordon and Tammy. 
09.18 Tammy interviews Hastings, Hastings posted about different dimension, Major was hibernating and asked for coordinates, Hastings I.D.'S Picture of Major Briggs, Major floated up and said "Cooper, Cooper" before his head disappeared.
September 30
09.19 Ben and Beverly hear humming in Great Northern, Ben refuses Beverley's advances. 
09.20 Roadhouse: Girls discuss zebra, job loss, rash under arm, new job "Human"-Hudson Mohawke, "A Violent Yet Flammable World"-Au Revoir Simone.
Part 10: Laura is the one. (7/16)
September 30
10.01 Richard attacks Miriam, sets her trailer to explode, Richard calls Chad to intercept letter from her to sheriff 
10.02 Carl sings "Red River Dreams"-Harry Dean Stanton, coffee mug tossed through window at Fat Trout. Steven attacks Becky.
September 29 (Wednesday or Thursday according to weather report)
10.03 Candie swats Rodney Mitchum with remote 
10.04 Janey-E checks out Dougie-Coop's figure at doctor appointment. 
10.05 Candie cries, the Mitchums see television report on Ike arrest and Dougie. 
10.06 Janey-E asks Dougie-Coop if he finds her attractive while he eats cake. Janey-E and Dougie-Coop have sex, Sonny Jim hears her scream.
September 30
10.07 Shot of the woods at night. Dr. Amp does show, Nadine watches, automatic drapes open and close at Run Silent, Run Drapes, shovel in store window.
September 30
10.08 Janey-E shows appreciation to Dougie-E about "last night".
September 30
10.09 Jerry in the woods.
October 1st
10.10 Chad intercepts mail from Lucy. 
10.11 Richard receives text from Chad that he got letter. Johnny listens to talking bear, Richard attacks and robs Sylvia (grandmother).
September 29
10.12 Roger informs Duncan they caught Ike, Duncan tells Anthony to go to Mitchum brothers and frame Dougie.
September 29
10.13 Albert and Candice have Dinner.
September 29
10.14 The Mitchums see Anthony on security camera and send Candie to get him, Anthony frames Dougie. 
10.15 The Mitchums discuss setting up meeting with Dougie.
September 29
10.16 Gordon draws, opens door for Albert but sees Laura, Albert tells Gordon about Diane's texts about Hastings, Tammy shows picture of Evil Coop at glass box in NYC.
October 1st
10.17 Sylvia tells Benjamin about Richard attack and threatens to call her lawyer, Ben asks Beverley if she wants to have dinner. 
10.18 Log Lady calls Hawk "Laura is the one" -Log Lady.
10.19 Roadhouse: "No Stars"-Rebekah Del Rio.

Part 11: There's fire where you are going. (7/23)
September 30
11.01 Boys playing ball and find a bloodied Miriam crawling out of woods. 
11.02 Becky on phone with no car, screams.
11.03 Shelly gets call from Becky to borrow car.
11.04 Becky gets gun.Shelly drives up, Becky takes car, Shelly jumps on hood, falls off. Shelly asks Carl for ride to RR, Carl whistles for bus.
11.05 Shelly and Carl ride into town, Shelly calls Norma. Carl radios Maggie to get ahold of Bobby. 
11.06 Becky arrives at apartment building, shoots door, Steven and Gersten Hayward hide in stairwell.
11.07 Maggie takes inbound phone calls. 
September 30
11.08 Gordon, Albert, Tammy, Diane, Det. Macklay and Hastings arrive at abandoned building (2240 Sycamore), see Woodsman behind building, Gordon sees portal and vision of Woodsmen on stairs, find Ruth's body, Woodsman approaches car and splits open Hastings head. 
September 30
11.09 Bobby, Shelly and Becky talk at RR, Red and Shelly kiss outside, bullet shot thru window, Bobby finds a boy in minivan with gun, horn honks, Deputy arrives from Big Ed's Gas Farm, honking woman screams while girl passenger vomits.
11.10 Truman and Hawk discuss map, fire and corn, Log Lady calls Hawk "There's fire where you are going."- Log Lady, Deputy Jesse asks Truman if he wants to see his new car.
September 30
11.11 Gordon's hand shakes, Albert shows picture of Ruth's arm with coordinates, Diane memorizes coordinates, Tammy and Macklay join them with donuts and coffee, Diane says she saw a Woodsman getting out of the car.
September 30
11.12 Bushnell does push-ups at his desk, Mitchum brothers case was not arson, Mitchums want to meet Dougie at 5:30, $30,000,000 check.
11.13 Mitchums eat breakfast in afternoon, Bradley had dream about Dougie.
11.14 Dougie-Coop sees One-Armed Man in coffee shop. Dougie-Coop carries box, Bushnell gives him check, loads him in limo, driver recognizes him.
11.15 Limo drives down the Strip "Viva Las Vegas"-Shawn Colvin
11.16 Mitchums wait in desert.Limo driving in desert.Mitchums discuss Bradley's dream, healed cut on Rodney's face.
Limo driving in desert. Mitchums waiting while Limo pulls up, Dougie-Coop has box, Bradley dreamed about pie in box and can't kill Dougie-Coop, find check.
11.17 Mitchums and Dougie-Coop have Dinner and drinks, Dougie-Coop listens to piano, homeless woman thanks Mr. Jackpots, Candie serves Mitchums and Dougie-Coop cherry pie. Piano player plays on "Heartbreaking" - Angelo Badalamenti.

Part 12: Let's rock (7/30)
October 1st
12.01 Gordon and Albert enthrone Tamara in the Blue Rose team. Diane comes in, Gordon and Albert ask her to stay with them for a while.
September 30
12.02 Jerry gets out of the woods.
12.03 Sarah buys alcohol and gets scared at the supermarket. 
12.04 Carl gives money and advices to Kriscol and asks him to stop selling his blood.
September 29 or October 1st
12.05 Dougie-Dale and Sonny Jim play in the garden.
September 30
12.06 Hawk pays a visit to Sarah, tell her she can count on him, heard noises.
12.07 Miriam is in a coma at the hospital.
October 1st
12.08 Diane receives a text "Las Vegas?", and answers that they didn't ask her yet.
September 30
12.09 Frank announces to Ben that his grandson Richard killed the little boy and tried to kill Miriam. Ben gives Cooper's key to Frank. Ben tells stories of the past to Beverly, about his bike, and ask her to take care of Miriam's operation.
October 1st
12.10 Gordon is with the French Girl, when Albert comes in to inform him about Diane's new texts.
12.11 Chantal and Hutch kill the warden in front of his child.
September 27
12.12 Dr "Amp" Jacoby does his show (the same that in Part 5). Nadine watches. 
12.13 Audrey and her husband Charlie argue, about her lover Billy who has disappeared since two days. Charlie mentions the fact that Billy's truck was stolen by Chuck one week ago.
September 30
12.14 Diane remembers the numbers on Ruth's arms and finds Twin Peaks location with it on her phone.
September 30
12.15 At The Roadhouse, Abbie and Natalie worrie about Angela who lost her mother, and Clark who's cheating on her. Trick arrives and tolds them that he nearly died in a car accident in the woods some minutes ago. Roadhouse - The Chromatics "Saturday"





Little clues help us to find our way through the mixed chronology. There is also clues about dates, even if one like Andy's watch (the 10th!) may be a joke done on purpose to make us mad!





The Jones' clothes in Part 4, and in Part 5, indicate that Part 5 comes back to the beginning of Part 4 in terms of chronology



Lucy's pink sweater in Part 3, and the same in Part 4


9 lucy 19 lucy 2

Lucy's clothes change in Part 9, whereas everything seems to happen the same day


10 lucy

Once again the first sweater comes back in Part 10


7 ben7 ben beverly

Ben's tie changes between morning and evening in Part 7



Albert and Tammy's clothes indicates that Part 10 may happen in the evening of Part 9


becky9tp 1-11 theorie becky

Becky's clothes in Part 10 & Part 11


vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m36s679 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m10s665

In Part 12 Ben and Beverly are dressed the same way that in Part 9.


Clues in the edit:

tp 1-11 theorie 1 tp 1-11 theorie

The clients change between too shots in Part 7. Maybe a clue to prove that we see different days in each episode?


vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m52s936 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m43s746 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h17m50s003

In Part 12, we see once again the first show of Dr Amp (seen previously in Part 5).


Dates in the scenes:



Hastings first interrogation with Dave happens saturday (in Part 1)



Hastings says that Ruth died "last thursday" to Tammy (in Part 9).

It fits with his interrogation with Dave (in Part 1).



The 29/9: in Part 9, Hastings signs the 29/9, and Truman says that it is the 29 too.



The Mitchum brothers watch Dougie-Cooper on TV a wednesday (or a thursday?), according to the weather report (Part 10)


 Dates that don't fit :



The 22/9: date of Mister C.'s arrest? It doesn't fit with the rest of the clues. It may be an error from "the cro-magnons at prison" (quote from Albert).



Andy's watch: the 10. Just a badly adjusted watch? It may fit with Andy. Or is it a strange rolex that indicates the Month: October (10)?


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Part 12 Clues on the chronology

Part 12 is a very dense chapter, with lots of informations.

Some thoughts about chronology in Part 12:

We see the Chromatics and Sarah Palmer in this episode. We saw Sarah and the Chromatics in Part 2. Is end of Part 2 a flash-forward?

vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h23m00s326 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h23m14s101vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h23m20s894 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h23m32s864

The scene with Jacoby seems to invite us to be aware of the exploded timeline in Twin Peaks. That scene was in Part 5. Maybe the scene just after in Part 5 (Richard at The Roadhouse, with Chad) was also a flash-forward (that would mean that Richard gives money to Chad after the accident). But, in that scene with Jacoby in Part 5, Jerry was watching his show in the woods, probably just before he got high... So is the scene in Part 12 a flash-back, or the scene in Part 5 a flash-forward? Maybe both!

vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m52s936 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m43s746 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h17m50s003


Ben and Beverly are dressed the same way that in Part 9 (second humming scene, where Ben refused Beverly's advances). The scene in Part 12 with Beverly, Ben, and Frank Truman, probably happens just after. Ben doesn't mentions Richard's attack on Sylvia. Does he omit to do so on purpose, or is the scene happening before that attack?

 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h19m12s040 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m36s679vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h13m10s665

Audrey wants to know how is Billy, as he has disappeared since two days. Billy was the name yelled in Part 7, in the Double R: "Has anyone seen Billy?". Is Billy the man Andy interviewed about the truck in Part 7, or was it Chuck?

vlcsnap-2017-07-31-12h14m09s319 tp 1-11 theorie 1vlcsnap-2017-07-07-15h29m30s830


In the only scene with the Jones in Part 12, Sonny Jim has the same clothes that he had in Part 4-5.

vlcsnap-2017-07-31-13h35m58s232 vlcsnap-2017-07-31-13h34m24s462


N. Lincy, July 2017

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28 juillet 2017

Ruth Coordonates, Kettle Falls, and The Secret History of Twin Peaks

Tiredness on Reddit found the place where the coordonates on Ruth Davenport's arm leads. In real life, it's a place North of Washington, near the fictive Twin Peaks. He compared the map with Frank Truman's map, and it fits, revealing that the FBI team and the Twin Peaks team will probably go to the same place soon, "near Jack Rabbits Palace".

See it here:


It's an awesome discovery! I would just like to add that the place, "in real life", where those coordonates leads, is a road with no name, in the woods, in Kettle Falls.Kettle Falls was already mentionned in The Secret History Of Twin Peaks. It's the town that the Twin Peaks Lumberjacks Team fought against in 1968. They loose against the Kettle Falls Team, because of Hank Jennings. The team included Harry Truman, Frank Truman, and Big Ed Hurley.

Kettle Falls is also near the Colville Indian Reserve. In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, Chief Joseph ended his life in a Reserve "north-east of Washington State".

So, will Hawk's heritage have more importance in the next episode? (I mean, more than a coin with Indian Chief on it?)



Work done by Tiredness based on the coordinates on Ruth's arm.

Note that those coordinates may have been faked by Albert to set up Diane.


Capture d’écran 2017-07-28 à 11

Source: Externe


Little extra: note that the Coordonates are on the 48Th Parallel North, just as Paris, France. The previous night (Part 10), a French Flag was shown in the restaurant when Albert and Constance were falling in love. But, maybe it's because Constance is "the kind of girl to make you wish you spoke a little French"!


vlcsnap-2017-07-28-11h16m41s722  vlcsnap-2017-07-28-11h18m04s492

Source: Externe  Source: Externe

Nicolas Lincy, July 2017

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Opening credits: two important places from The Secret History of Twin Peaks?

Let's have a look on the new opening credits from The Return.

The original credits were much longer, and now, Lynch-Frost-Dunham choose to show just two places.

First, one place we never saw in the old credits. A place in the mountains, with concrete, fences... are we seing Major Briggs secret base? I am thinking of that since Part 1, because when Part 1 was aired I had just finished The Secret History of Twin Peaks where we discover that Major Briggs had such a military base in the mountains of Twin Peaks.


The second place we see in the opening credits: Falls, probably the Great Northern Falls. In The Secret History, Chief Joseph went through a tunnel were water had disappeared, and then the falls appeared again. In the opening credits, the falls disolve into images of the Lodge and red drapes. Are the falls another Path to the Lodge, to the White Lodge, maybe? Or at least will they be important in the new season?



Of course, everything stars with Laura, because "Laura is the one". She is appearing in the sky like an angel. The sun makes a golden circle on her face, reminiscent of Part 8 golden orb with Laura's face. That circle on her eye reminds also all the eyes wounded in The Return.

vlcsnap-2017-07-27-21h59m33s158  vlcsnap-2017-07-06-20h02m52s474

Note that in Part 1 only, we saw the factory that we used to see in the old credits (is that the Mill? I think not). We will discover in Part 9 that this factory is in fact in front of the Sheriff Station.

vlcsnap-2017-07-28-10h34m07s372   vlcsnap-2017-07-28-10h36m14s010

N. Lincy, July 2017

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Maps and Symbols


Let's have a look to the old petroglyph map from Season 2:


Source: Externe


And the new map, the one seen in Part 11:




Here are some of known and new symbols in Twin Peaks The Return:


Of course, the Black Symbol drawn on an Ace Of Spades in Part 2:



Indian pattern at the Great Northern, in Part 7:



The bug-frog seen in Part 8 may look like the drawing at the bottom right of the Petroglyph.

It was also in the book Twin Peaks An access Guide to the Town, where we can learn it is a "chinook":

Source: Externe

Source: Externe

The "egg" with rays, on the banner of the shop where Dale-Dougie buys Cherry Pie:


...also previously seen on the Big Ed's Gas Farm :

Source: Externe


Dale-Dougie in the limo crosses circles in the desert, then goes along a road that looks like a tree :



At the end of the travel, he stands near a circle of fire:



One Christmas tree looking like a Mountain in Miriam's caravan:


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26 juillet 2017

Lucky 7 Fan Edits - Only Twin Peaks


Here I try another experiment: watch the hypothetical chronology of Twin Peaks:The Return with only the scenes in Twin Peaks. The idea is to edit thoses scenes following the chronology (once again, hypothetical chronology), and to creates 50 minutes episodes only in Twin Peaks. Enjoy!

Of course, this is just a way to dive into the mysteries of Mark Frost and David Lynch's creation. I adore the new show as it is. This is not a nostalgia thing, just a way to investigate what's happening in the town. Please watch and buy the original show by David Lynch and Mark Frost first, before my little experiment!


You can also find:







Nicolas Lincy, July 2017 

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Fan Edits - Chronology in videos (Based on Parts 1-11)


With each new episode of The Return, I try to update my searchs on the chronology. Here is the result in videos.

Now (Part 11), it seems that the storyline with the Two Coopers (Mister C. and Cooper-Dougie) are kind of straightforward: one day after the other, the scenes feels connected. But, in Twin Peaks, it is a bit more complex.

Of course, this is just a way to dive into the mysteries of Mark Frost and David Lynch's creation. I adore the show as it is. Please watch and buy the original show by David Lynch and Mark Frost first, before my little experiment!


You can also find:




Wednesday, 22nd September

New York - Sam watches the Box. Tracey stays out.




Thursday, 23rd September

Mister C. goes to Buella's place and leaves with Ray and Darya.

New York - Sam and Tracey make love, something appears in the box and kills them.

Off-screen - Buckhorn - Ruth Davenport's death (as mentionned by Hastings in his two interrogations).




Friday, 24th September

South Dakota, Buckhorn - Police discovers the bodies of Ruth and Garland Briggs. 

Las Vegas - Mr Todd. gives the money to Roger, "tell her she has the job" (probably Lorraine).

South Dakota, near Buckhorn - In a dinner, Mister C. speaks to Ray, Darya, and Jack. Mr C. says he'll be on his own "the day after tomorrow" (Sunday, 26th). Ray must take informations from Hastings secretary.

Twin Peaks - Margaret calls Hawk "something is missing" that has to do with Special Agent Dale Cooper.





Saturday, 25th September

Twin Peaks - Ben introduces Beverly to Jerry. Lucy keeps the card from the insurance man. Hawk opens Laura's case. At night, Sarah Palmer watches TV. At The Roadhouse, Shelly sees Red. James arrives with his friend. "Shadow" by Chromatics.

South Dakota, Buckhorn - At 12:18 Constance finds Hastings prints. Hastings is arrested and interrogated by Dave (Hastings says it is saturday). Mister C. kills Jack. At night, Mister C. kills Phyllis Hastings. He returns to the motel and kills Darya, speaks with Philip Jeffries on the phone (but is it him?), and asks Chantal to be with her husband Hutch "in a certain area in a few days" (probably, the Farm, the 29th). At 12:18 at night, Constance discovers that prints from the body are blocked ("military").




Sunday, 26th September

Twin Peaks - Jacoby paints his shovels. "Bunnies" scene between Hawk Andy and Lucy. Bobby sees Laura's picture and cries, Wally Brando speaks with Frank. The Roadhouse "Mississippi" by The Cactus Blossoms.

South Dakota - Mister C. avoids behind pulled back to the Lodge at 2:53, and has a car accident. 

Las Vegas, Rancho Rosa - At 2:53, Dougie is taken to the Lodge, The Good Dale takes his place. The snipers miss him. Jade drives him to the Silver Mustang Casino. Lorraine learns that the snipers missed Dougie-Cooper. She sents a message "2" in Argentina. At night around 10:36 PM (clock in the limo), Dougie-Cooper is taken home where Janey-E waits for him. Last word he repeats: "Home".

Philadelphia - Tammy investigates the New York murders, when Gordon learns that Cooper has been found in South Dakota. Gordon and Denise speak.

South Dakota, Buckhorn - 10:34 PM, Constance discovers Dougie's ring in Garland Briggs stomach.

Yankton Prison - In his cell, Mister C. is "still with Bob".




Monday, 27th September

Twin Peaks - Frank and Doris argue. Mike criticizes Steven. Becky and Steven see each other near the Double R. Andy says he haven't found any Indian. Jacoby's show, watched by Jerry and Nadine. 

Las Vegas - Cooper-Dougie take breakfast. He cries seing Sonny Jim in the car. Janey-E drives him to work, at Lucky 7. 

Las Vegas, casino - The Mitchum brothers fire the casino's manager

Las Vegas, Rancho Rosa - Dougie's car exploses, Jade sends the Cooper's key in a mailbox.

Yankton prison - The trio from the FBI speak with Mister C. Gordon says that "something's wrong", Albert says it's a "blue rose" case. They decide to see Diane. Later, Mister C. makes his call and mentions "Mister Strawberry".

Pentagon - Colonel Davis sends Lieutnant Knox to Buckhorn.

Philadelphia - Albert meets with Diane. Tammy studies Cooper's prints (we can storm ear the storm outside).

Argentina - In Buenos Aires, the black device transforms. 

Las Vegas - Policeman drives Dougie-Cooper to his home. Janey-E sets a meeting with the blackmailers. 




Tuesday, 28th September

Twin Peaks - Richard and Red meet at the Mill. Richard kills a little boy with his truck, and runs away. He his seen by Miriam. Carl Rodd sees the soul of the little boy. Richard washes the blood from his truck. 

Hawk finds the missing pages. Jerry is lost in the woods. Hawk explains to Truman the story of Laura, Dale and Annie. Later, Doris comes back to complain, and Agent Brown explains that their son commited suicide. The Roadhouse "Tarifa" by Sharon Van Etten.

Hawk goes to Glastonbury Grove. Someone from Trouble band yells "Has anyone seen Billy?" in the Double R. At night, Ben and Beverly hear humming in Great Northern and find Cooper's key. Beverly comes home and argue with Tom. The Roadhouse gets swept up and Jean-Michel gets phone call about underage prostitution. Frank Truman calls his brother Harry to speak about Cooper, but he can't because his brother his too ill. The Roadhouse, "She's gone away" by Nine Inch Nails. 

Las Vegas - Duncan Todd receives a red square. Mullins understands Cooper-Dougie's drawings on the case files. Janey-E gives the  money. Fuscoes detectives come to see Dougie at Lucky 7. Ike kills Lorraine but don't succeed in killing Cooper-Dougie.

South Dakota, Buckhorn - Knox sees Garland's body and a Woodsman appears

Philadelphia - Albert and Gordon goes to see Diane

Yankton - Diane sees Mister C.. Mister C. convinces the Warden to let him escape. At night Mr C. escapes with Ray. 

Ray shoots Mister C., woodsmen appear.




Wednesday, 29th September

 Twin Peaks: Andy goes to see the owner of the truck, who asks him to meet him at 4:30 "by the Joneses". Truman calls Doc Hayward on Skype. Richard speaks with Miriam, and kills her. Carl Rodd does guitar, and ears a fight between Becky and Steven. 

Johnny Horne runs into a wall. Hawk, Bobby and Frank Truman go to see Betty Briggs, who deliver them a clue left by Garland before he died. Jerry fights with his foot in the woods.

Kids play when they see Miriam coming out of the woods, covered with blood. Becky goes crazy, Shelly tries to stop her and is helped by Carl. Becky shoots on Steven's door. Andy waits, the man doesn't come.

Ben & Beverly once again search the origin of the humming, Beverly wants to kiss him, he refuses. Jacoby does his show, Nadine listens again in her "Run Silent Run Drapes" shop. At The Double R, Becky speaks with her parents. Red appears. A kid shoots in the window, Bobby tries to handle the situation. At the sherif station, Hawk shows an ancient Indian map to Truman when Margaret calls him. At The Roadhouse, two girls speak, one has rashes on the arm. "Human" by Hudson Mohawke, "A Violent Yet Flammable World" by Au Revoir Simone.

- South Dakota: Mister C. goes to the Farm and sees Chantal and Hutch, asks Duncan Todd on the phone if "it as been done".

- South Dakota, Buckhorn: Diane, Tammy, Albert and Gordon, go to Buckhorn to see Major Briggs body. Tammy interrogates Hastings. Albert and Constance fall in love. Gordon sees Laura. Albert learns that Diane communicates with Mr C., and Tammy finds images of Mr C. on the New York videos.

- Las Vegas: The Fuscoes investigate on Dougie Jones, and discover that there is nothing on him prior to 1997. They arrest Ike. Dougie-Cooper goes to Dr Ben. Janey-E falls in love again, they have sex.

The Mitchum brothers see Dougie Jones on TV. Duncan Todd asks Anthony Sinclair to push the Mitchum brothers to kill Dougie Jones. 




Thursday, 30th September

Twin Peaks - Lucy and Andy argue about the colour of the chair they want to buy.  Chad takes Miriam's letter, Lucy watches him. Richard attacks Sylvia, his grandmother. Later, Sylvia phones Ben. Margaret phones Hawk and tell him that "Laura is the one". At The Roadhouse, Rebekah del Rio sings "No Star".  

Las Vegas - Janey-E congratulates Dougie-Cooper for last night. Bushnell sends Dougie-Dale to the Mitchum brothers. Thanks to the One-Armed Man and a dream, Dougie-Dale survives and becomes friend with the Mitchums. They go to the restaurant, eat cherry pie, meet with the lady from the casino, and listen to a piano music that moves Dougie-Dale.

Buckhorn - Hastings drive the FBI team to the portal, where Gordon sees a vortex and Albert finds Ruth's dead body. A Woodsman spirit kills Hastings. With coffee and donuts, they all discuss this case at night.


Nicolas Lincy, July 2017

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25 juillet 2017

The Good Dale and Mr C. "One of you must die" (Part 1-11)

Text written after Part 11.


Mister C. as disappeared from the screen since the beginning of episode 9, just after Bob seemed to be taken out of his abdomen.

Is the rebirth of The Good Dale based on the slow death of Mr C.? Will Dale gradually wake-up as Mr. C. loses his strength?

Would that be why Mister C. had to have Dougie Jones killed quickly, because he know that as the Good Dale take strenght in his new body, he will lose his?





Is that why we see the "birth" of Bob in Part 8 (scenes in 1945 and 1956)? So that Part 8 would show death and birth of Bob, as he has finally been taken back to the Lodge?





If it so, who is Mister C. now? Just Cooper without humanity? It seems that Bob and Cooper coexisted inside Cooper's body before, as shown in Part 5: Cooper says to Bob "you're still with me". Mister C. is not just Bob, he is Cooper and Bob. Maybe after Part 8, he is only Bad Cooper. 



In that scene in Part 5, Lynch/Frost choosed to show the images of Bob and Cooper laughing together. It may prove that Cooper and Bob work together inside "Mister C." - or worked, before Part 8. 



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22 juillet 2017

Twin Peaks & Magritte

Of course, Francis Bacon and Edward Hopper are two painters that influenced David Lynch, but the director mentions also René Magritte. Here are some of his paintings that seems to come directly from Twin Peaks.



 Laura Palmer? 


 Audrey Horne?


 Dale Cooper and his Doppelganger? 


The Black Lodge/Waiting Room?

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