Is she Laura Palmer?


In Part 1, Dale Cooper asks "Who are you?". It reminds us the way he asked "are you Laura Palmer" in the first dream in the first season, episode 3:




In the first dream in episode 3 season 1, Laura answers "I feel like I know here, but sometimes my arms bend back":




In Season 3 Part 8, we see the "Experiment". Her arms are bend back:




Is the "Experiment" the cousin of "The Arm" aka Man from another place? Is she Laura's double ?




What about the cousin, Maddy? She was named Madeleine Ferguson, a remembrance of Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. A red-hearring to make us think that she was really Laura, and somehow exchanged her identity with her cousin.




 In the Black Lodge at the end of Season 2, we saw that Laura had a Doppelganger:




In season 3, she says "I am dead, yet I live", and then reveals light from underneath her face:




And in Part 8, Season 3, Laura appears in a golden circle from The Giant (who's name is ????? in the credits= his he "God?" ; Mike The One-Armed-Man said he "saw the face of God", and talked about "Golden Circle" to Cooper, in Season 2):


vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h31m40s310 vlcsnap-2017-07-06-20h02m52s474


In Fire walk with me, Laura sees her double. Has she been exchanged with her Doppelganger?


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The Good, The Bad and The Dougie


In Fire walk with me, Dale Cooper saw his double too:




In Season 3, he has two doubles, Mister C. and Dougie Jones:




The "real" Dougie Jones appears in the scene with Jade. Then he is pulled in the Lodge, and exchanged with Dale Cooper, who come back to earth with amnesia and is mistaken for Dougie by his colleagues and family:




But who was Dougie Jones ? How do we explain that he looks like Dale Cooper, so that everyone mistakes Dale with Dougie after his coming back on earth? Maybe Dougie Jones is a cousin too, Dale's cousin, a la "Maddy Ferguson"?

Theory 1: Dougie is Cooper's cousin




Or, was Dougie Jones and Mister C. "one and the same" ?

Theory 2: Dougie is Mister C. after Part 8

In my past-present timeline theory, Mister C.'s story is set in the past. Mister C. becomes a doppelganger-without-BOB in Part 8, where BOB is taken off of him by the woodsmen-spirits. Theoretically Mister C. could then change his identity and become Dougie Jones, a character that he creates (how does he "create" the wife and the son?). The One-armed-man says "Someone manufactured you" to Dougie. But maybe Mister C. "manufactured" Dougie Jones from himself, from his own body, to become someone else? It reminds Rita from Mulholland drive.




 vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h57m30s368 vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h57m37s527 vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h57m46s322


In that theory, there would be only one Dale Cooper (only one physical body of Cooper on earth). First, DoppelCoop (Cooper possesed by Bob). Then, the DoppelCoop without Bob, who turns into Dougie Jones. And finally, The Good Dale escapes from the Lodge and from the purple place, and comes back into his body, but with amnesia. Does Cooper cries for Sonny Jim because he knows his father Dougie was a creation from Mister C.?




UPDATE After Part 9: it seems that Mister C.'s timeline and Twin Peaks timeline are on the same present, at least in Part 9. Is it the same with Twin Peaks and Dougie (the hotel room key send by Jade). Plus, we see in Part 9 Mister C. calling Mr Todd, asking if "it has been done". So Mr C. seems to organize the crime of Dougie Jones... Nevertheless, in some previous scene, the headman seemed to be Phillip Jeffries or his "ghost" in Buenos Aires...


vlcsnap-2017-07-11-21h13m52s026 vlcsnap-2017-07-11-21h14m05s984vlcsnap-2017-07-11-21h14m10s014

 Theory 3: Dougie Jones was "manufactured" by the Giant


The One-Armed-Man says that Dougie was manufactured by someone "for a purpose, but now that's been fullfilled". Was it a good purpose, or a bad purpose? Was it a trap from Mister C.? Or an helping gesture from the Giant/???? ?


vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h57m22s610 vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h59m26s352vlcsnap-2017-07-07-10h59m32s389


In Part 8, a golden circle with Laura in it comes out of The Giant:




In Season 2, the Giant extracted golden light from him too, and that light came into Cooper. In this light, there his a circle shape too.




In Season 3 Part 3, a golden ball is extracted from Dougie. Was it placed in Cooper in that scene in Season 2? Was that scene the creation of Cooper's first Double, Dougie Jones, to allow his coming-back in Season 3?



In Season 2 The Giant said "You forgot something". Commonly, spectators thought he was talking about the letter from Audrey under his bed. But would The Giant talk about a thing like that? Now that we now that he is so important, a kind of "God", it seems weird. Can he watch future events from his screen as seen in Part 8, and appears in the past to change the events? Was he there in Season 2 to prevent Cooper that he would be possessed by Bob soon?





In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, the book by Mark Frost, Garland Briggs understands that the message from space was not done to tell Cooper that "the owls are not what they seem". But to prevent that Cooper would be the future Bob, the "owl". Now that the Giant seems to live on another planet, was that message from the stars send by the Giant, once again to prevent peoples?




In Scott Frost book Dale Cooper, My Life My Tapes, we discover that Bob was possibly already around Dale Cooper's life as a child. His mother saw "a man" coming into her room in nightmares and Dales too... The man was almost into her room in her last dream, before she died. Then, Dale dreamt of his mother and woke-up with a gold ring in his hand. 

Last theory, one awful theory... Was Dale Cooper always a schizophrenic FBI agent, split from the beginning between the Good Dale and "Bob" who took away his mother?





Did he killed Caroline, and turned his colleague Windom into a madman? Did he killed Teresa Banks, and that's why Chester Desmond had to disappear? Did he killed Laura? After all, Laura sees Bob but she also sees Cooper in her dreams.

That would explain Cooper's coldness at the beginning of the show, if Lynch/Frost saw him as a detective-killer.

Well to be honest... I don't believe it.


Was Dougie Jones "manufactured" in 1997?


The "Good Dale" takes the place of Dougie Jones today. But, it seems that Dougie was a creation. Who "manufactured" him? It's still a mystery. But it seems the "when" has its answer: in 1997. We see it in Part 9.





In fact, 1997 seems to be an important date... or a red-hearring. See it here.