Part 9: all in the Present?

In Part 9, the scene with Mr Todd seems to prove that the multiple timelines theory (here) doesn't work. Particularly, the idea that Mister C. is the "past" of Dougie Jones.

In that Mister C. asks Mr Todd if "it has been done". And Mr Todd was seen previously preparing the murder of Dougie... So, that scene would prove that Mister C. wants to kill Cooper-Dougie. So, Dougie and Mister C. exist at the same time (and that's fascinating). Other clues about Mr Todd here.

As we saw Jade (in Dougie's world) sending the key to Twin Peaks, and that key found by Beverly and Ben, it seems everything happens in the present.


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Another thing in Part 9 seems to prove that the chronology is "straightforward": in Buckhorn, Bill Hastings writes the date of the 29/9. In Twin Peaks, Frank Truman says that the 10/1 is 2 days from now - so, it's also the 29/9 in Twin Peaks.


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Nevertheless, new little things in Part 9 still go in the direction of a "tricky" timeline:

First scene with Lucy, she has a white shirt with red pattern, and red and blue wool sweater (around 22'00). Next scene with Lucy, different clothes: blue sweater and another shirt (another pattern on the collar) (35'00). Did the episode showed us 2 different days? Did the ellipse occured in the black cut after Jerry's hallucinations?


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Frank Truman says the 10/1 and the 10/2 are "two days from now, and the day after". But what about Andy's watch in Part 6, that showed that the day was the "10" ? Was is set badly, or did Part 9 came back in the past?




Hawk still have not mentionned his visit to Glastonbury Grove, even now that they are reading Brigg's indications. Once again, maybe that scene in Part 1 happens after that new discovery. We never saw Hawk going to see Margaret and take tea with her as promised.


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At the end we see once again Au Revoir Simone, which was already on part 4. Did they came back to the Roadhouse some days after, or are we in the past? Or, of course, it may just be the way Lynch and Duwayne Dunham wanted to edit it, for the pleasure of the ears. It is also in Part 4, the evening before (on the first part of the episode, before sunrise), that Bobby mentions her mother Betty knowing something about Cooper. So, it is possible that the scene with Betty happens the same day that Part 4, the day after Bobby's speech to Hawk & Frank, and before the Au Revoir Simone concert.

Source: Externe


So, there still could be a little shift of time between the scenes, prior to Part 9.


New theory: Twin Peaks's Timeline accords alternately between Mister C.'s and Dougie's timelines


Let's follow the hypothetis that those strange little details are here on purpose (of course, they all could be done by mistakes, or because Lynch and Duwayne Dunham just like it that way, for rhythm...).

Maybe those little strange details can be explained by a theory as following: Mister C.'s timeline is set between the 22/9 (the accident of Mister C. in Part 3) and the 29/9 (Hastings writing the date in Part 9).

But, there is Andy's watch, the fact that nothing has been mentionned about the death of the little boy in the car accident, nor Hawk about Glastonbury Grove. Maybe those scenes really happen around the 10/10, as the Dougie Jones's scenes. The humming scenes at Great Northern, when Beverly shows Cooper's key to Ben, would also be on that "future" timeline.


Timeline 1/ From 20/9 to 29/9, Mister C., Buckhorn's case... and some Twin Peaks scenes

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Timeline 2/ Around the 10/10, Dougie Jones and some Twin Peaks scenes

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