Let's have a look to the old petroglyph map from Season 2:


Source: Externe


And the new map, the one seen in Part 11:




Here are some of known and new symbols in Twin Peaks The Return:


Of course, the Black Symbol drawn on an Ace Of Spades in Part 2:



Indian pattern at the Great Northern, in Part 7:



The bug-frog seen in Part 8 may look like the drawing at the bottom right of the Petroglyph.

It was also in the book Twin Peaks An access Guide to the Town, where we can learn it is a "chinook":

Source: Externe

Source: Externe

The "egg" with rays, on the banner of the shop where Dale-Dougie buys Cherry Pie:


...also previously seen on the Big Ed's Gas Farm :

Source: Externe


Dale-Dougie in the limo crosses circles in the desert, then goes along a road that looks like a tree :



At the end of the travel, he stands near a circle of fire:



One Christmas tree looking like a Mountain in Miriam's caravan: