Part 12 is a very dense chapter, with lots of informations.

Some thoughts about chronology in Part 12:

We see the Chromatics and Sarah Palmer in this episode. We saw Sarah and the Chromatics in Part 2. Is end of Part 2 a flash-forward?

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The scene with Jacoby seems to invite us to be aware of the exploded timeline in Twin Peaks. That scene was in Part 5. Maybe the scene just after in Part 5 (Richard at The Roadhouse, with Chad) was also a flash-forward (that would mean that Richard gives money to Chad after the accident). But, in that scene with Jacoby in Part 5, Jerry was watching his show in the woods, probably just before he got high... So is the scene in Part 12 a flash-back, or the scene in Part 5 a flash-forward? Maybe both!

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Ben and Beverly are dressed the same way that in Part 9 (second humming scene, where Ben refused Beverly's advances). The scene in Part 12 with Beverly, Ben, and Frank Truman, probably happens just after. Ben doesn't mentions Richard's attack on Sylvia. Does he omit to do so on purpose, or is the scene happening before that attack?

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Audrey wants to know how is Billy, as he has disappeared since two days. Billy was the name yelled in Part 7, in the Double R: "Has anyone seen Billy?". Is Billy the man Andy interviewed about the truck in Part 7, or was it Chuck?

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In the only scene with the Jones in Part 12, Sonny Jim has the same clothes that he had in Part 4-5.

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