Based on Twin Peaks: The Return (Parts 1-18), these 3 fan edits videos show all the scenes happening in Twin Peaks during Season 3.

I let the scenes are they are. But I moved the order of some of them, to test the theories about chronology in Season 3 (see the chronology here). I really love Twin Peaks: The Return as it is, so those videos are made in a purpose of experiment/study. This is just a way to dive into the mysteries of Mark Frost and David Lynch's creation. I adore the show as it is. 

Please watch and buy the original show by David Lynch and Mark Frost first, before my little experiment! 

The purpose of that experiment is to watch the differents stories in Twin Peaks of this season as 3 long films (approx.2 hours each). It keeps all the scenes in the town, and goes a little bit outside just for the finale. I have chosen the title "Something is missing" by quoting one of the first sentences of the Log Lady, because it sums up well the absence of Cooper in town, but also the weird feeling that somes scenes in Twin Peaks may be out of order or from another reality, as if landmarks were "missing" too.

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