The Lucky 7 Fan Edits

As a young editor and screenwriter, I have done many Fan Edits of Twin Peaks for my own pleasure.

I mainly do "Characters" edits, showing all the scenes of one character, edited into one feature-film. For instance, you can watch the Nadine Hurley Story, a film of 1h16 that shows the life of Nadine from The Missing Pieces to Season 3. I keep doing them regularly. For the moments, the edits available are : The Dale Cooper Story, The Audrey Horne Story, The Nadine Hurley Story, The Carl Rodd Story...

But, in respect to the original show, I keep those edits in a private mode.

If you are curious to see them, you can contact me trough the contact form of TP3Theories or on the private blog Thanks!

Capture d’écran 2017-12-21 à 21

Capture d’écran 2017-12-21 à 21