30 août 2017

Twin Peaks Scenes Timing

    Here a the timing of the scenes in Twin Peaks episode by episode in Season 3, done in collaboration with "Vicksvapor77" on the World of Blue forum:   Part 1 : 9 min. 30 (Jacoby / Ben & Jerry + Lucy / Hawk & Margaret / Hawk, Lucy & Andy)Part 2 : 8 min. (Hawk & Margaret / Sarah + The Roadhouse James & Shelly)Part 3 : 7 min. (Hawk, Lucy & Andy "the bunnies" + Jacoby)Part 4 : 15 min. (Sheriff's department Frank Truman, Lucy, Andy, Hawk, Bobby / The Roadhouse)Part 5 : 20 min. (Mike &... [Lire la suite]
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02 août 2017

Twin Peaks & The Hidden

Jack Sholder's film The Hidden contains lots of details that feels connected with Twin Peaks, even if it was released in 1987 and that the tone is very different. It even countains details that reminds Season 3. Especially, seing Kyle MacLachlan in his role of an alien FBI agent, he seems pre-Cooper and pre-Dougie too. In the middle of the film, he has to act like a human, learning to eat and take a medecine - it is very much like a Dougie-Dale scene.   He is also fascinated by a "Bushnell" Telescope ! And then... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2017

Twin Peaks & Magritte

Of course, Francis Bacon and Edward Hopper are two painters that influenced David Lynch, but the director mentions also René Magritte. Here are some of his paintings that seems to come directly from Twin Peaks.    Laura Palmer?   Audrey Horne?  Dale Cooper and his Doppelganger?  The Black Lodge/Waiting Room?
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06 juillet 2017

Distance, music, and returning to a forgotten world

The first Parts of the new Twin Peaks, especially Part 1 & Part 2, shows lots of places and characters, and David Lynch directs those scenes with distance. For instance, the first shots of Twin Peaks are those of Jacoby: the camera is far away most of the time, and the dialogues are hardly audible. The musics are very discreet, and above all, there is no new music from Badalamenti. We see the world of Twin Peaks and the other storylines as foreigners, the characters are like ghosts. Like Agent Cooper, we are "far away" from the... [Lire la suite]
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